This was my entry into the one Shot competition. I took inspiration from Paul Bonner and his fantastic work on one of his dragons from his book Out of The Forests.

The small dust cloud was an experiment and personally I think it worked.

  • Lee Hebblethwaite (10 ball)

    Nice work mate

  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

    Interesting figure my friend! Nice work!

    • Luke 'atacam' Wilson

      Thank you. It was something different for me to do Valentin Ammon Zak has done a great job on this it was a joy to paint.

      And of course taking inspiration from the Mater Mr Bonner always helps. ;)

      Thanks for the vote.

  • TimPLUS

    Fantastic work mate. You can definitely see the insperation. Love the dust also

    • Luke 'atacam' Wilson

      Thanks Tim for your continual support on my work. Really appreciate it. :)

  • Robert Karlsson

    Ok job man! But on all pictures the plinth is in focus and the mini is blurry, so thats why i give it a Bronze!, Cool colors and creative with the dust behind the animal! Great Luke!

    • Luke 'atacam' Wilson

      Hi Robert.

      Thank for the vote and more over the comment, that means a lot. Yeah I agree with the photography. I seem to really struggle and just when I think I have it, something else comes along. lol.

      I’m just happy you voted and its only the 2nd Bronze so I’m OK with that. but the time given to comment is worth it alone. Thank you for the feedback, it is a part of the hobby I really want and need to improve. :)

  • Robert Karlsson

    Just keep on working, we all have to do it!
    Its harder to take photos with black or white background, try something else, like multiple colors and small patterns, it helped me a lot!


    • Luke 'atacam' Wilson

      Thanks. I’ll give it a go. I must say it is something Shane Rozzell suggested too.

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Dust cloud is a def success

  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    masterfully done, Gold by me