Haviland Tuf
Haviland Tuf
Haviland Tuf
Haviland Tuf
This is a rather old work of mine, but, maybe, someone did not see it by now.

Today everyone know George Martin as an author of `Game of thrones` series. But, actually, he is also wrote outstanding sci-fi novels in the mid-1970. Personally, i think this is the best sci-fi ever written. So here is the character from one of those novels, Haviland Tuf. This novel is a collection of related short fiction works, originally published over several years, beginning with 1976's "A Beast for Norn". It worth to google all the story and read the books, seriously!
Now, about the mini. It`s done from the scratch. I used Reaper cat models and the tea tray with cups and bottle from Kinder Surprise, and fb ogre hand. Everything other than those are sculpted by me or cut from cardboard and plasticard. The Tuf`s figure is 9 sm long from legs to the top of his bald head. No airbrushing again - i was just too afraid to start my aerography practice with a single-copy mini. Yes, the space holograms are brush-painted too and this took a lot of time.

http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/nakatan/14529295/84086/84086_original.jpg - More angles of mr. Tuf and Ark control room are here.

https://www.patreon.com/user?u=401971 - WIPs, step-by-steps, and more on my Patreon account.

I`m available for commissions. Mail me to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for details.
  • Jero Miniatures

    Outstanding piece! Your works are very special an this caught my eye already on CMON! Love it! Gold

  • Karsten -Elaphus- Poepping

    Wow !! Gold for me !!!

  • Alexander "Invisus" Korotaev

    One of the favorite characters of youth in such a wonderful performance. The name of the cats :)?

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    If i remember correctly, he black-white one is Dax. Other one can be anyone of those: Havoc, Suspicion, Doubt, Hostility, Ingratitude and Foolishness.

  • François Lozach

    of course gold !!!

  • Erich_Strasser

    Sculpting and painting in a very high level, gold!

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    thanks, everyone!

  • Volker Stumpf

    Love it. Gold!

  • Jay Martin (Redrum)PLUS

    such an iconic piece, glad to see you have your place here now on pnp

  • Jason Zhou

    Stunning work on both the building of the whole scene and the paintjob. Very cool!

  • Nicholas Fletcher

    That is really fantastic work!

  • Pierre Balmette

    Great atmosphere again! Gold!

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