If the trembling earth sends fear into the hearts of enemy to steal their will to fight, know it is the CHOCOBO CAVALRY who come!

This is my first serious sculpting project, as i sculpted the chocobo mount and heavily converted Monique riding it. The painting was made without airbrushing, and mostly inspired by amazing Kirill Kanaev`s works.

You can see more of Monique and her chocobo here:
http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/nakatan/14529295/78360/78360_original.jpg - overall set
http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/nakatan/14529295/78307/78307_original.jpg - detailed set

You can find some WIPs on my Patreon account:

I`m available for commissions. Mail me to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for details.