Jack Morgan, the Left-Handed

Jack was born on a ship, raised on a ship and he will probably die on one some day but only the devil can tell when this day will come.

Jack never done anything else than the piracy.

Countless scars, one dead eye and the missing right hand tells his story of violence and discord.

But even with all the handicaps Jack collected over the 35 years as the first ship's mate of the infamous pirate ship the Queen Anne's Revenge, he is one of the most dangerous pirates on the seven see.


Jack Morgan, the Left-Handed is a awesome 1/9 scale bust from Black Crow Miniatures sculpted by the insanely talented Romain Van den Bogaert.

Entirely painted with brush and acrylics as usual.

The first time ever I tried to achieve such textures...but overall I'm very happy with how it turned out.
Already learned a lot of new things about it. But still feel free to give me a honest feedback ; )

Special thank goes to my friend Roman Gruba for helping me find the right way!

As always feel free to vote, comment & share :)

Simon Moon