The Magician
The Magician
The magician of Scale 75 is finished since a while. For me, it was the first time to have a miniature painted in this scale. However, it shall have its place here...

Best regards,
  • JensRosenbaum "Didgman"

    Finally my friend , really like this one .

    • Cornel "Kirby" Kuhn

      Thanks for your comment my dear friend.
      Yes, finally….... finally I started a new attempt to take proper pictures.

  • François Lozach

    nice atmosphere… not a big fan of shinny effect that paint gave, but maybe this is related to picture or paint brand.. cool one ;)

    • Cornel "Kirby" Kuhn

      Thanks François.
      You just hit the lesson learned point, which I had here. Surface finish and textures are topics I want to improve with the next projects…

  • Oleksandr Bilibov

    I really like the book details! :) Nice painting.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"