This story would sounds like totally nonsense but every word of it is truth.

I've heard this story from my granddad...

Have you ever heard about elves?

This creatures have nothing in common with elves from books that R.R.Tolkien had written or with elves who helps Santa Claus with presents.

If you ask me about this race, I'll tell you that elves is really tiny creatures who like to lives in places which located pretty far from cities where we (I mean humans) live.

Thise tiny guys succeed in Magic that helps them to hide from eyes of a people.

Most of this elves guys are trying not to do any business with humans, but sometimes there are an exceptions.

My granddad told me that he was a friend with one of those elves, he had met in a forest one day.

It was a little crazy type of elf besotted with idea to met one day an actress he was in love with...

So he loved Pamela Anderson and was a greatest fan of her I had ever know.(words of my granddad)

His little brain gave him an idea that he could met her or even marry her.

So only one thing he really need to do is to summon his darling to a house in a forest he lived in.

(Russian elves aren't very rich and cant afford a travel to America).

He had spent some years doing a research about summoning and after some dispositions he had started a ritual. But he was old enough to forget one of magical ingredients...
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    Funny and amazing Work!!!!

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  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

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    Wonderful work. I saw the picture of the legs a few days ago on Facebook but could not image how the whole scene would look like.  Now happy to see how it turns out. Very cool.

    • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

      Many thanks Jason. Really happy that you like my work on this piece! :)

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    Awesome. Great storey and really great realisation

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    First piece in a long time that really make me laugh.
    Pamela rulez !

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    Lllllloooollll gold he def got “short chained”

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    Ummm…am I the only one that thinks of Borat when they hear this story?

    “Very nice!” An Eastern European/Central Asian man in love with Pamela Anderson…your grandpa was like Borat! :)

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    Wowzers!! Unreal!!

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