It is my first painted dwarf from Russia sculpted by Michael and I had much fun. Please have a look at the special "emergency ration" under the book on the back. There are so many details on the figure and some of them I discovered first after painting. For example the little face on the bag closure. I had painted the runes in gold because you can´t see them on the original black base (black in black)

I am not sure about the scale: The dwarf is nearly 90 mm overall

Painted with oil over acrylics
  • Ken 'milmart' Farrar

    Ulrich great choice of colours and nice work on the base.

  • Vincent Zhang (duskfrost)

    good one, can I ask where can I buy this dwarf set? cheers~

    • Ulrich "Dwarf" Biroth

      Difficult. There exist 7 dwarfs from Michael, but only 6 are at the moment avaiable. This dwarf is out of order. I will get the other six dwarfs for my shop in two months but don´t know if I can place here a link to my shop.

  • Erich_Strasser

    Nice dwarf, I like your warm coulering

  • Ulrich "Dwarf" Biroth

    Thanks for the comments. I will start with the next one soon