Thornley was never meant to be a pirate, but he had the choice of walking the plank or work for the pirates that sank his little troll vessel. Even when life beats you down, as a troll like Thornley, you always want to live on and so he agreed…

Helping out everywhere he never really found a place on the ship. Sometimes he had to clean the cannons, some other time he had to help out in the kitchen. His strong, helping hands where always welcome and he quickly made friends with some other pirates on the ship that shared some similar fates.

While helping in the kitchen one day, he noticed a little “rat” stealing corn from a barrel. A cute looking little fella this was and so Thorney decided to share some of his cheese with this little and hyperactive fur ball.

They met every day and while he surely found some friends, the little furry thing was his best buddy.


Sculpted and painted by myself, available here at FeR Miniatures.