Hey my friends!

I finally managed to find the time to start this bust. Sculpted by Tom Meier, available at Dark Sword Miniatures.

The concept is a very well known painting by the master Tony DiTerlizzi, A young Tiefling with her Displacer cub from the Planescape / Dungeons & Dragons universe.

I know this bust is may not a very "modern" bust, compared to many of the sculptures these days, this one has a almost "old school" feel to it. But when I saw it, I just know it called me. The twisted, strange and slightly disturbing look of the demonic female, the very classical-portrait pose and style... an almost Lovecraftian atmosphere.

So I decided to get this bust and I wanted to give it this feeling. A very classical paintjob with some modern elements. A very strong red, almost like on old paintings... I don't know if you like it, but I am really happy how it turned out.