1/12 bust.
Some people wondered about her doll-like face, but I think with her mechanical arm she seems to be more bio-machine creature rather than human. Assassin with dead cold sight, why not? :)
  • Michel

    F A N T A S T I C !

  • Maartje "MaGie" Giesbers

    Beautiful! I love the unique spin to this lady :)

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Sooo perfect ,inspirational,eerie,seductive,alluring,hypnotic….I can go on forever……it’s way beyond gold…

  • Jason Zhou

    Amazing work. Like the overall impression of android on this bust

  • luisgomezpradal

    Very cool bust!! I love the face and the work of the clothes…congrats!!!

  • Sergio Calvo Rubio

    nice artwork! on picture is great artwork

  • Andrey Petrenko

    Голд, однозначно голд!

  • François-Xavier "Fx" HUET

    The paint is so good !

    Gold !


  • Jonatan Gil - ElinhirPLUS

    Very nice job.

  • Tapio SalminenPLUS

    Great work! You’ve somehow managed to make this ridiculously busty bust look much less vulgar. The breasts seem smaller and much less on display than on any version I’ve seen before. Your work makes me think of getting one myself, since the thing clearly is salvageable after all and the steampunk theme has always been interesting.

  • Bran

    Amazing work !