Dungeons and Dragons
Dungeons and Dragons
Dungeons and Dragons
I'm not a very old man, but I remember those happy and nerdly years. That's why I decided to do a tribute to role playing games.

My work there isn't a passage played by me, but the guardians of the crypt (Rackham skeletons), with a human warrior (Rackham) and a Dwarf (Games Workshop), have been the perfect excuse to began the project.

The base is an example of the entrance to an arcane temple, totally destroyed. Pieces of jewelry and marquetry have been the raw material.
To paint it... I tried to recreate a gloomy world, mixing earthy colors with multicolored rust effects.

And finally, I would comment that the pose of the figures in the set was the most complex of the whole process, because it had to pick up that tension before the fight while keep the lines between the characters.
The final detail that I included as a tribute is in the wood base; I put a d20 (a dice).

I hope you like it!