Hey Guys

here is my Kingdom Death druid, this time i tried out a back wall. really enjoyed painting it and using some great acrylics.

please give me critics and tell me what you think :)


  • Jose Angel Elizalde "Connann"

    Very atmospheric. The background is awesome!

  • Nick Mulligan

    Beautiful work on the base and background, Marcus. Very atmospheric, I like it!

    • Marcus Klamecker

      Thx Nick :) so cool that the atmospheric idea work out :)

  • TimPLUS

    Nice figure and I simply love the almost impressionist background. This really transports me into the scene

    • Marcus Klamecker

      Oh thx Bro! This is my goal for that mini.

      I had a big fantasy behind her and spend work in transport that into the visitor

  • Aleksandra Cvetanovski

    Looks lovely with backgroundand atmosphere.:)

  • Bran

    It’s very beautiful, well done and I like it a lot!