Captain Kidd and his ferret Jimbo sailed the seas and they've been the world over. With their pirate gang , they robbed lot of traders ships and hold in awe most of the sailors in the Mediterranean sea.
After another successful raid their ship moored to the shore and the crew headed to the pubs and public houses on the pier, planning to spend their night onshore with women, drinking rum.
Kidd and Jimbo preferred to while away the time alone with a bottle of Rumfustian. They walked towards the Inn that always had a free room for the captain, hoping to have a little rest before tomorrow morning.
At the doorstep Kidd saw a stooped figure wrapped in old cloak. He heard an old women's voice:- "Maybe a captain have a coin for old poor women?" - "Get lost beggar!" Replied Kidd, -" I have no money for you." - "Only one coin sir, please!" - she asked him again. -"I said get lost", replied captain, knocked her down and headed to the door.
As captain walked out the door, the women got back on her feet, whispering: "Tomorrow you'll regret about what you've done captain"
Next day Kidd woke up in a body of his ferret Jimbo. He haven't lost his mind , but become a prisoner in this body, unable to speak no more. The same happened with a ferret. Mind of an animal was not ready for living in a human body so he looked like a crazy or like a little baby with the face of an old man.
Only one thought took place in their head, they needed to find that old woman to turn everything back to normal.