This is a piece I have spent a fair amount of time on, but now that I look at it, I wonder where the time went! I feel like I slightly missed the mark on what I wanted to achieve, and thus I have chalked it up as another "learning" experience. Whilst there are aspects of it that I am happy about, I think the model is not as much of a focus as I wanted, and there is too much going on, despite that being the original intent of the diorama.

Oh, and it lights up. Twinkling in the tree and from the pools of water.

Anyway, appreciate your feedback as always.

I did a big writeup of the construction of the model, the challenges I faced and how it evolved throughout:

I also have a video of the LEDs lighting up which you can see here:

  • Radicarlos-CarlosPelaez

    Gold! Its amazing!

  • Nick M

    Gold from me too - awesome work, love the base.

    • Trent "BigDeno" Denison

      The base probably has a little bit too much focus instead of the model being the key element, but I had a lot of fun making it.  Thanks for the comment!

  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

    Great work! I really like it

    • Trent "BigDeno" Denison

      Thanks mate. I’ve been inspired by so many people recently, and your work and attitude has been a big one.  So thanks for the comment, it means a lot!

  • Lucas Pina

    oh, I love this. Is very warm and magical. : )

    • Trent "BigDeno" Denison

      Thank you very much mate!  Those are two words I was going for in the colours and feel of the model.

      Also, I am super excited to paint your Elf Rider when it arrives!

  • PierreYves"LordB"Geneste

    Look at this and fly to an other faery world!! Soooo Good!!!
    But, wait a minute, who smoked all the weed??!!! :D

  • clevischi


  • Mirco Vagnini (VaghenerMix)

    gold !!! ;)

  • Aleksandra Cvetanovski

    This is great work,  well done.  I love base and color composition on this one very much. And it suits lovely with character of this model.  :)

  • Sergey We7 Chasnyk

    Awesome mood and atmosphere.