In dark nights, he hunts.
His body cold, his hunger burning.
He hunts silently, he roars when he drinks the blood of his prey.
He is a god amongst the undead hordes, a brutal beast with no soul left to lose.
He is a Strigoi, an abonomiation of a noble vampire, a pure instinct driven savage.


Bust by Hera Models.
In private collection.

Keep on happy painting!
  • Karsten -Elaphus- Poepping

    Schaurig !!! Klasse !!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Danke Dir, Karsten. Freut mich, wenn der Gruselfaktor rüber kommt.

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Painted with passion!!!

  • Milosh Meehan

    The teeth are brilliant!!

  • Josu Araiztegi (Noblez)

    Crazy, I love it.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Happy that u like him. Not every Orc has to be an Orc ;)

  • Ken 'milmart' Farrar

    Brilliant work.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Many thanks for your vote and comment, Ken.

  • Jason Zhou

    Brutal beast and cool atmosphere! Great work

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      It is a lovely brutal sculpt with a lot of power. A to paint. Thx Jason.

  • Patrick Kamsma

    Love it. Great atmosphere with the cool blues and violets.

  • Matthieu Roueche - "Blabla"PLUS

    Very interesting paintjob Roman…love it! ;)

  • Tatjana "Dawn" Jäger

    Huuuh. An absolut convincing nightmare. Cool.

  • Thomas "1967er" Froese

    be careful - can cause nightmares on the tender hearted!
    Clearly needs to visit a dentist…

    awesome, powerful painting…

  • Jose_A_Alfonso

    Amazing work, gold!

  • Laurent Aubry aka Pisco

    Arggggghhhhhh !
    Hox fo you mix your paint ? I think one drop of paint, one drop of deep emotion and one drop of freedom with colors ? Is it your recipe ?

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Many thanks for your nice comment, Sir. Well. That is my recipe, yes. Absolutely!