54mm Chronos miniatures.
This project was made as an experiment with adding sunlight to composition. I have seen some very good works with that affect, but usually they have either monochrom shadow area or fully desaturated. I wanted to make the colours in shadow area still understandable and visible. Hope you like it!
  • Albert Moreto FontPLUS

    This is mindblowing. Really really amazing effect. Solid gold from me.

  • Nils Holmbergh

    Very nice painting overall with a really nice atmosphere.

  • Ken "Macca Chung" Lim

    Incredible work.

  • Thomas "Stoessi" Stoesser

    Lovely, lovely colors!

  • mmasclans

    WOW! So good!

  • François Lozach

    very cool light effect.. and at the opposite of many OSL ambiance we could see, waht is supposed to be in the dark, .. is painted;) and not just left black ;) I like it

  • Riccardo.Wino.Corno

    The work with the light is simply astonishing! One of best project!