So here is my first project on puttyandpaint.

I did for the Austrian Demon, a contest organized by the Austrian GW stores.

Actually I'm not quite finished with it but I wouldn't call it WIP. I'd liked to give it more depth and intensity, especially on the OSL. Also I wanted to have more textures on the suit, wings of the Dark Eldar etc. Unfortunately I ran out of time, so I went for fast and rather rough effects than technical perfection. But it was a great chance I took to do something more than a single miniature on a round base and to actually finish it, at least to a certain degree I felt good with.

The Tau was converted using a middle part on the torso which I designed with Solidworks and printed on a 3D printer in my local fablab, which was quite fun to do. Also I made arms and legs longer, using Evergreen profiles for the legs and putty for the arms.

So for the moment it's done for me and I can turn to other projects. But be assured that there will be some kind of update in the future.