One of the great memories I have of playing D&D as a kid was the cover of Dragon Magazine, and this one in particular by Denis Beauvais. It stayed in my memory for years, even after I stopped playing and painting and went to university. I saw that Iron Wind was re-releasing the great sculpt I could never afford to buy when I was young, and I ordered it. It was a work of love to try to recreate the wonderful painting in 3D. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that the original artist not only came from my home town (I had no idea!), but had actually attended the same high school as me! I contacted him and sent him a picture of the finished model, and he wrote back and praised it. That's an artistic high point in my life so far. Especially as it was the first diorama I'd ever painted, and only maybe the fifth or sixth serious attempt to paint a mini I'd ever done (not counting the ones I played with when I was 10). This one is a mix of nostalgia and fun for me. I'm sure I'll still get better, but for a first try I thought this was not bad. Happy to hear the opinions of others!