“The first day”

Thermopylae 480BC “The hot gates”

Aresticlles retrieved the helm he had discarded several hours ago and replaced it at the rest position atop his head. The oppressive heat had forced many of his brethren to similarly sacrifice the protection of their helmets for clearer visibility and cooler heads. He like the faces that looked back at him was spattered in the gore and viscera of countless Persian dead. The ground around him was carpeted in the myriad colours of the enemy host, here and there broken up by the proud red cloak of a fallen Spartan.

He gazed down from his vantage point at the host seething around their camp on the beachhead below. They numbered beyond his comprehension. They had arrived at the gates in the morning confident and arrogant. The Spartans, trained from the age of six for war and nothing else, had quickly removed their arrogance along with their lives.

Today had been a good day, he had slain many, and tomorrow he would slay more, for it was only the first day.
  • Norman ( Normski )

    Nice work again with the metallic.. again i think more shadow was needed specilly ubder the arm pit and maybe some colour in the skin as he is a bit pale but again great job..

  • Mally Anderson

    I’ve seen this in the flesh and the TMM is wonderful. Work the contrast on that skin more and this will really pop.