Hi all,

This is my last project. A great collaboration with the cool guys from Aradia.

It's like a personal and professional work.

The sculpting by Allan Carasco is awesome. A pleasure to paint although some part was hard to done.

A the beginning of the project I seen a Ganesh running in the cloud agains his enemy.

I work the light source from one side, ans I took care to wrap correctly the light.
My first (personal) Ganesh was painted with blue so I wanted to try some new colore ;-).
I was plane on a dessatured yellow for the skin for this albinos. The turquoise work well with it like the pink.

The cloud was done with Foam to stuff pillows. I use glue, glue accelerator, mat varnish to fix it and I paint it by shading them with airbrush. After test make highlight with the airbrush doesn't work well.

Hope you like it ;-)

Comment are welcome