• Klaus Dorn

    Very cool scene, would have votet gold, but the faces need more love…

    • Arne WilkensPLUS

      tbh, this is gold (in my opinion). You can’t compare “our” showcase painting with those military dioramas. Those soldiers are not sculpted to paint in a high quality.

    • Klaus Dorn

      “can’t” is a term I wouldn’t use in that case. I can only see one face and this face looks strange to me.The whole scene is so super cool and realisticly painted that it’s really awesome. But the face destroys this mood imo. I know these miniatures are not that good sculpted, but one could do better than that. Just the direction where he’s looking is already disturbing. And I wouldn’t expect to get gold if I painted wonderful miniatures and put them into a not so good painted and detailed scene. Gold for me is just pure awesomeness over the whole project. Soo in this case, the scene is awesome,the faces not. My opinion.

  • Michael Mandau

    Thank you so much for your reply! For me its very important to get some feedback, because this is my third diorama at all - and thats the same with the figure. I have a long way to go - i feel like a complete beginner when i see the other brilliant works all over here.
    I wouldnt vote my dioramas not even bronze - more something like wood ;)
    But there is a lot i can learn by pros like the most in here - specialy in painting faces!

  • Andy

    I like the scene, the work on the Sturmtiger, Building, and Dio is very good.  Yes, one can critique the figures, but as Arne said, most 1/35 figures aren’t the same quality as those that are made as stand alone figures.  But in the same case, that’s why we have Hornet Heads.  I, having been a judge at many competitions, would also award a Silver, its a good diorama, but not a great diorama.  Shep Paine once said, ” While a good face can often save a mediocre figure, a poor face can ruin an otherwise good one”