This was my second bust to paint and a challenge from my friend Pietro Balloni. Spanish Admiral from Pegaso Models Srl. Pietro challenged me to paint Non-Metallic on bigger scale, and i must admit it was a great task, and not easy. I took this model on two shows and i had luck and amazing opporunity to get feedback from Pietro Balloni, Alfonso Giraldes and Kirill Vladimirovich Kanaev . I have listened to their advices and made some changes and improvements on this bust. From this i have learned a lot. And i will try to apply inspiration gathered from painting this bust on my next artworks.
I would like to thank everybody that gave me feedback on this piece and I am looking forward on painting my next bust. :)

This piece is on sale now, so be free to contact me in private or on Craftworld Studio page.

Hope you like this Admiral, and looking forward for your comments. :)