Finally, after now almost a whole year since the end of my last big diorama, I now finally finished my latest project. Its called "C´est la vie" and the scenery is placed in the campaign of "Fall Rot" in France 1940.
A french Char B1 BIS is stuck in a little village and its crew is captured by the german advancing forces.

The whole diorama is made from scratch with hundrets of hours of building time. The Char as well as the PZ II were improved with etch- and resin parts.

I hope you like it - hopefully this will be my first entry to a contest EVER in the upcomming SMC event.
Right now I´m still looking for a opportunity to feature the whole process - from beginning to end - in a magazine or book.
  • Mike HoekstraPLUS

    Outstanding piece of work.

  • StephanPLUS

    Amazing your dios.
    a lot of work in it.

  • Bran

    I discover your work and it’s really magnificent !!