Skink priest
Skink priest
Skink priest
Skink priest
An old favourite of mine from 2013.

After a lot of influence from Massive Voodoo I wanted to try a more realistic and desaturated paintjob. Furthermore I did my best to try to differentiate the tints of the skin and the skull.

As a contrast to the desaturated skink, I used more saturated and vibrant colours for the gold skull. The gems were painted in blue and red to tie together with the markings on the skink.

The model got a finalist pin at GDUK 2014.
  • Julien "Asavar" M.

    This is gorgeous. Surprising to see how this color scheme fits perfectly fine on this miniature.

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Always loved this piece!!! Welcome to putty and paint !!! Gold medal earned from me!!!

  • Max Faleij

    beautiful, subtle work!