Lat month I painted GIANT miniature from Black Sun miniatures about 130 mm high, sculpted by Romain Van den Bogaert. Style of sculpting is different from usual 32 mm scale miniatures, so a bit challenging to paint. Romain usually makes miniatures with big and broken noses, ears, crooked teeth and other real life like defects, that makes his sculptures very unique and very enjoyable to paint.
  • Ivan Radenkovic - Kameleon

    Beautiful work mate! He looks great.

  • Klaus Dorn

    Is it on purpose, that the focus is on the right upper leg? The higher colour saturation and contrast make it the main focus, compared to it the face is dark and doesn’t have much contrast… So I can only assume it’s on purpose, is it? Or is it the photos? Nice skintones!

    • Branislav Babović

      Just the contrast between upper part of the leg and feet - legs are slightly different skin tone than upper body and his right arm and right part of the chest is also more highlighted. Generally his pose is really strange :)

  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    beautiful work mate.