IPIK-7 (Steamthing)
IPIK-7 (Steamthing)
IPIK-7 (Steamthing)
IPIK-7 (Steamthing)
I remember falling in love with this little guy back in 2009, but at the time Patrick (the sculptor) said, "Don't think there is a chance to make a cast. Unfortunately there are a lot of uncastable areas. I should change too much things." So it made me very happy when I found it recently in Patrick's P&P gallery (http://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/1055) and saw that casts were available.

I painted him for this year's Rainbow Brush competition, which had an environment theme. I imagined IPIK as a sort of post-apocalyptic cyborg survivor, scrounging a living off of the remnants of a failed civilization, and bewildered when he comes across this alien green thing. So it seemed very fitting. I was lucky enough to come in first with this entry.
  • Christoffer "Lazerhead3000" Jonsson

    So much inspiration here! I love the coke can addition a lot. Gold!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    One of the greatest busts outthere painted with so much love. A real joy to look at. Great work!

  • Patrick "The Small" Masson

    Love it, very great painting David !

    • David Diamondstone

      Glad you like it Patrick! Thanks so much for sculpting it and doing casts!

  • Derek Clark (fluid_art)

    Excellent work, and congrats on the win.

  • Matt DiPietro

    Lovely David! Great to see it finished :)

    • David Diamondstone

      Thanks so much Matt! Was fun starting him in your class. I think starting nmm with a value sketch works well.

  • Chris "D.Vader" SuhrePLUS

    Absolutely amazing piece. I totally missed the coke can arm.

    • David Diamondstone

      Thanks Chris! The coke can arm was my favorite part of painting it actually. Did you catch also the potato sacks used for the head covering? :)

  • Kilsh

    Very creative David, love the base as well



  • Josua LaiPLUS

    The reflection in the lenses add a lot to the story! what a cool piece! well done.

  • Leonardo "LeoPelo" Archini

    Really story telling! Great idea coke arm!

  • ricktaylor

    Superb work David.. The touch of the nut for a base
    is not only artistic but give a mechanical feel to the piece

  • Jeff Burns "Tinman"

    Great piece David!