Magically Distracted

She sat on her favorite stool, having gotten mostly undressed and relaxed, gently swirling the goblet of red wine in her hand as she read through the grimore in her lap... closing her eyes she gently concentrated on the spell that was before her... suddenly the books piled around her lifted up in the air as if they had minds of their own and were caught in a small windstorm. She giggled to herself and took another long drink of the wine from her goblet and continued to study...


I present to you "Magically Distracted" a NSFW Kingdom Death figure in the 54mm scale, she is a limited edition resin release. A few firsts on this one, I did some elaborate tattoos, magical floating books, writing in books in freehand, a completely nude figure, texturing pattern, Venus dimples, and last but not least sheer stockings (which were a lot of fun and a lot of work!).
  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Would love to see her on less blurry photos!

    • Paul "ub3r_n3rd"

      I’ll take some better pics and upload them tonight for you and everyone else to be able to judge more accurately.  :)

    • Paul "ub3r_n3rd"

      I took new pics, let me know if you think they are better than the last. I use my iPhone camera so they aren’t always the best pics out there. Hopefully the new iPhone comes out soon with a better camera so I can take more detailed pics.

  • Herman aka Glitterwolf

    Very cool!