Yu Jing Imperial Service
More Yu Jing. Love the sculpts, love the background, love their vibe :) Painted these for Crystal Brush 2017. Still trying to push different NMM and smooth, colored, shiny surfaces lol. I game with these so outside of a painting comp they don't sit in any kind of display...I think they lack some kind of display base to bring them together. Need to get over that :) I'm happy with how the middle guys chest plate came out. I filled in the models sculpted detail for a flat surface and painted on a wing motif to tie into the characters fluff and repeated similar wing and crane patterns across the rest of him. The females patterning are similarly free handed on...wish I had a pic of their back sides. I'm lucky Crystal Brush organizers took pics...cause that's not my thing. I need to work on it.

Hope you like it...as always comments and critiques are welcome, anything to improve!

Corvus Belli War Crow 2017 Gold - Unit
Crystal Brush 2017 Silver- Unit