The next Aradia Miniture. This time i was going a little bit crazy with colors.
  • Martin Lavat

    Very nice, I love the green light, so Maleficent!

    • Lucky-LBT

      Thank you Martin

  • Nick M

    Brilliant painting, love the atmosphere!

    • Lucky-LBT

      Happy that you like it

  • Artem Romanov

    In my opinion this is your best work, and best painted version of this mini. Love that OSL, colour choice, techinque and ofcourse atmosphere - amazing work!

    • Lucky-LBT

      Special Thanks for your kind words

  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    Very interesting use of colour, I like it very much!

    • Lucky-LBT

      Thanks Martin

  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

    Really love colors yo’ve used my friend! Looks cool and atmospheric! :-)

    • Lucky-LBT

      Thaaaank you, think you could see her live at the SMC

  • Leonardo "LeoPelo" Archini

    This green osl is really a right choice for this piece! Great atmosphere!

    • Lucky-LBT

      Thank you, i´ve thought quite a bite time about the color fits best…than i decided acidgreen is the best way to go :)

  • schiragaPLUS

    Wow..sehr schön mein freund!!!

    • Lucky-LBT

      Danke schön,
      hoffe wir sehen uns nächstes Jahr auf dem HvB

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    It is never wrong to go crazy with colors!

  • D@nny _

    Was’nt sure i’ve already voted so here is mine, gold

  • UFO70

    Mensch Lucky, da hast Du aber einen rausgehauen. Super!

  • pit rehmke

    Sehr stark der Lichteffekt, starke Arbeit !
    Gefällt mir

  • Ignis

    Baeutiful colors, realy like this one.