1/35 scale
The fish submarine is a Industria Mechanika kit.
Models are about 48mm tall and were sculpted by super awesome sculptor and friend of mine Andrey Kostryuchin

This steampunk diorama is about some men who want to find lost Nautilus submarine of capt. Nemo (based on Jules Verne's novels). They have their own submarine to help them in this case and moreover they have a sponsor. (the model on the top has a prototype in real life. Some of you might know him :))
But of scourse in the seadeep there are a lot of dangers. This time they succesfully avoided them and returned back with some clue.
Hope you like it. It was quite a lot of work.
Thank you,
  • Artem Romanov

    Love it! Gold!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Without a doubt one of the best dioramas I know. Love it, Dmitry. I love the language you speak when you paint and the setup and story-telling is gorgeous. Thank you for inspiring! Sorry for the copy and paste from facebook :D

    • Fesechko

      Late thanks, Roman!

  • Aleksander Kursov

    Beautiful diorama, awesome works,keep it up!

    • Fesechko

      Спасибо! )

  • Martin Lavat

    Completly insane ! Gold is not enough!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you very much, Martin!

  • A.Demidov


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  • Vladimir_Golubev


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  • Riccardo "RA" AgostiniPLUS

    what the hell! :D Impressive

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, Riccardo!

  • Cold one

    Очень сильная композиция.

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  • Jason Zhou

    You are so talented at creating story-telling diorama. Very inspiring work.

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, Jason!

  • Julien "Asavar" M.

    Ouch that’s great!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, Julien!

  • Leonardo "LeoPelo" Archini

    Words are unnecessary. Only gold!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, Leonardo!

  • Christophe Salesse


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      Thank you, Christophe!

  • Davide "Snake" Decina


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      Thank you, Davide!

  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    This is… beyond words! I love this one!!!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, MArtin!

  • Thomas "1967er" Froese

    Glorious diorama, so much love for the details - I really like the idea with the tentacle!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, Thomas!

  • paparob

    Again i must say this is the best example of this piece i have seen . Great work

    • Fesechko

      Thank you!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    If you bring this to americas “crystal brush painting comp” I feel you’ll have a tremendous chance at winning 10,000 dollars!!! First place prize!!!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you. John… Don’t know when I have finally find some time to go to USA

  • UFO70

    Wow, the best Version auf Fichtenfoos Submersible, i’ve ever seen!
    Phantastic Diorama!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you!

  • Theren "Canny" Williams

    amazing work, so much detail!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, Theren!

  • luisgomezpradal

    Amazing diorama!!!! Gold

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, my friend!

  • Olga Kropotova

    Очень  интересная диорама! Отличная работа!

  • Bran

    A masterpiece !!

  • Javier Hueso "PacoJavi"

    Original work!