Ice Wolves Commander
Ice Wolves Commander
Ice Wolves Commander
For this miniature I wanted a sinister looking commander for some winter soldiers. I chose Rasputin as the basis for his grim features and Russian background but I've also been told he would make a great Ivan the Terrible. I used lots of furs and wolf themes to enhance his size and add to his evil personae. This is the first sci fi miniature that I've concocted from my own imagination and managed to finish. It was quite a challenge for me since my normal area is fantasy. I hope you enjoy :)
  • Martin Lavat

    I totaly prefer your fantasy models, specialy the Lich !

    • sprue

      hehe yes I can add a lot of detail to those because of the style I’m going for. For this one I’m trying to make something closer to GW’s style so it will fit in people’s collections better.

  • Jens Riber Poulsen

    Looking delicious!