This piece was painted at the beginning of 2012; while the figure was done in oils, ancrylics were used on the base. Nearly everything was scratchbuilt from wooden sticks.
  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Very cool idea and interpretation ... love the basework!

    • Goetz Siepmann

      Thanks Roman, there’s a quite inspiring blog called “massive voodoo” or something like that which led to this layout ;-)

  • Florian "Tuffskull" Weinheimer

    The basework is really great. I ask myself how long it took to glue this! Thanks for showing, hope to see it (and you) in Ingolstadt!

    • Goetz Siepmann

      Thanks Florian, the stakes were pinned, so the gluing wasn’t a pain at all. C U

  • Debbie Volquarts