this is my first project on "Putty&paint;" and the result of an awesome two day private coaching with the one and only Roman Lappat. I learned so many thinks in this days and I feel honored to pushed on my way as an miniature artist from Roman.

The main topic was to create atmosphere and is escalated really quick to a small scene with pumpkin artist.

Thank you Roman for you view and way of painting miniatures. It was a privilege to get advice and help from you.
Be consequent in your view, even when you have to build pumpkins ;)

Iam looking forward to the next class and lessons.


  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Yay! Thank you too for your trust in my skills as a teacher. We will meet again, I am sure, maybe not on field of pumpkins :D ... keep on happy painting, Manuel!

  • Trent "BigDeno" Denison

    Great work mate.