Erdraz are huge fire-breading lizards. ("But, for a huge amount of cash, of course, anything can be considered Erdaraz")
Hunter of Erdraz, is in my interpretation shows very grumpy but pround character. He is but a simple dwarf, who fought great beasts. Wearing his trophies, battle scars and great memories from adventure that he is collecting for his old days.
He is acompanied by his trusty companion battle buldog. Lazy action dog, who is above all, hunter's best buddy. And this duo works as amazing team.

I made a little storytelling base for this company. I imagined them in the middle of the hunt:
Bulldog sniffed something in the air. Yet, everything is still quiet, simple nature sounds, simple small insects and animals around. Hunter is watchfull, he trust his best friends nose...and they are looking for any kind of trail of their prey. Bulldog sit (just for a bit) to rest while preparing.They don't know yet, that their enemy had noticed them, and waiting for attack opportynity from down bellow.

Here you can see some progress on my sculpting and making base for this project :;
And here you can see more photos: