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This is the story of a little fairy playing music with her flute to some eggs ready to hatch. The whole scene is happening on a giant treeman. Enjoy their journey!

I sculpted the treeman with Chavant Nsp Plasteline. The fairy is sculpted with Apoxie.

I want to thank Michael Kontraros for everything :)
  • Luke 'atacam' Wilson

    As we discussed in Athens, you know I loved this piece then, even better now. :)

    • Georgia Laladaki

      Thank you so much Luke. It makes me feel amazing receiving all this love for my piece from you and Zoe. Thank you! <3
      See you in a few days!


    really love it… congrats for your wonderful job Georgia

  • Michael Kontraros

    It is a fantastic piece… i am very proud to release it

    • Georgia Laladaki

      It is so amazing listening to those words from one of the best sculptors. Thank you for everything! :) Can’t wait to see it on you shop!

  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    fantastic work, seems a pleasure to paint

  • CriCri

    Very nice work and concept, you bring me inside a fairy tale! <3

  • Martin Lavat

    Really Beautyful!