I love these busts from Nuts Planet, all of them!! they are just amazing, great sculptures wich makes easier the paintjob, All of it is painted with oil colors except the small metal parts in the chest wich are acrylics.

Hope you like it, all comments are welcome.

Winter Is Coming!!

    Very nice!  I particularly like the snow.  May I ask what you used, and how you affixed it to the figure?


    • Pablo López - paloji

      Hello JGREEN! thanks for your words.The snow is a mix of Aldamodel artificial snow, water and white glue, so when you put it in the model, when it gets dry, gets also affixed :)


  • Roman LappatPLUS

    One of the best John Snow busts outthere! Wonderful!

    • Pablo López - paloji

      Thanks a lot Roman! it is great to receive such a nice words from such a great artist!! :)