Work: painting
Scale: 1/10
Sculpt by Romain van den Bogeart

Instagram video.
More photos!
Thanks for having a look and happy painting to you!

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  • Albert Moreto FontPLUS

    Fantastic ambiance! Gold from me Roman!

  • Lucky-LBT

    Wie immer eine sehr Stimmungsvolle Arbeit, I LIIIKE.
    Allerdings finde ich das Bild mit der Malmatte als Hintergrund besser als die mit dem Schwarzen, der schluckt irgendwie n bissel was.

  • Davide "Snake" Decina

    No words…The lights are Amazing!!! Gold…

  • François-Xavier "Fx" HUET

    Xcellent one !!

  • Jero Miniatures

    Lappatliscious again! I stuggled with sculpts with so much texture, but you really know how to handle them. Great ambiance and gorgeous piece.

  • Nicolas_wang

    This is a real complicated bust and you paint a nice version,so powerful!Roman

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Wonderful wizardry -I dub thee- the Lord of light play

  • Radovan DarkTower Rybovic

    Great sculpt by Romain and amazing paint job by Roman :) Thank for sharing, man!

  • Jakob VPLUS

    I love this version. Beautiful light

  • Kristian Simonsen

    So nice and creepy! Great light effect. I loved seeing this one at Duke.