Model is from Nutsplanet. Metals painted TMM
  • FearGFX

    Id say the bust deserves a better plinth and some of the photo’s look out of focus, but I love the bright reflections on the metal!

  • Maurizio T

    I like it Nathan. Among the best in terms of representing the metals. The sword is excellent work, the Saxon helmet looks a bit too brand new, but that is more a matter of taste than a judgement on quality. Even the chainmail armor is quite realistic. Finally, I appreciate that you gave him a Templar surcoat instead of the more common bicolor one that never convinced me from a historical point of view.
    I agree with previous comment though: the plinth has to go! A first class job deserves a first class plinth. This piece is on my radar…....

  • scott a shalterPLUS

    nice, nice metal work, should have more votes, gold