OZ - sculpted by M.Kontraros
Here i am,
the first piece i post on P&P is the best piece i made in 2017, and that is probably the most important painting work i made in my life.
I will never find the words to say to my friend Michael Kontraros what this piece means to me, and not only for the 3rd place overall at the 2017 Crystal Brush, but because of the honor it was for me that an artist like you wanted me to paint it.
Oz is a fantastic tale, and this scene that Michael create is a stunning revision of the mood of the story, creep but strongly romantic. Michael art is something powerful, that moves the mind and the hear of the people that look at it... i just paint it try to be a part of this meaning, a part of this message and this feeling.

Sincerelly i don't know if i will never have the opportunity paint a project like this again in my life, but the memory of this project shared with one of my nest friend and favorite artist will remain in my heart forever.

I can't immagine nothing better than this to say wellcome to 2018.

thank's all for watching :)