In the lands next to the cold north, the farmer Tam peered into the forest. He thought he had heard laughter in the otherwise deep quiet of the night. There it was again a light flickering between the trees, still a way off and a faint sound of laughter borne on the wind.
Tam moved closer, sneaking quietly between the trees. A lifetime in this land had taught him to move without a sound stealthily through the night and the forest. It was up at the ancient temple ruins, a place the nearby villagers shunned because of some old curse or superstition. The weird pinkish light kept flickering between the trees accompanied by a mad laughter often echoed by tiny voices as well.
He crept closer holding his breath. He came to the small clearing where the small overgrown temple ruin stood. There was the most strange and terrifying creature he had ever seen! It had only one big head, no body. Legs growing out of the bottom, impossibly long arms waving above, ending in large hands with big tubular fingers that looked like they could suck the life itself out of a man. It had intelligent yellow catlike slitted eyes, gleaming with madness and evil intend! It danced and strutted around going left and going right spinning in circles shouting curses and gibberish all the while laughing madly. Suddenly it's eyes caught Tam and as it moved laughing towards him, he felt real terror as his bladder let go.

A fun little study in light and atmosphere, fluorescent paints in use.
  • Steve 'Captain' Cornish

    Brilliant use of OSL :D

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    You my dear friend kristian always daring to tread in very well done dark and foreboding atmospheres. This is right up there with the 1942( guy with nightmares in his head, one of my favorite pieces to date on story alone) again besides a kick ass story line you decked into the atmospheres where something as good natured as light play a very evil and ominous role in such an ironic way. The gift of light here is a gift of nightmares and dreamscapes of the darkest kind.
    Gold - keep these things coming it’s kind of like a great movie( your paintings) and then you find out part two ....and three and four keep coming out only to not be disappointing as each time you best yourself the project before!!!! Gold

    • Kristian Simonsen

      Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a LOT to me. :-) I hope to be able to post more frequently here in the future.