(2016) 1/5 Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Kit Info:
Scale: 1/5
Sculptor: Utopia
Origin: Sailor Moon
Very touching story for this one. I had a nice guy commission me to paint a figure for his girlfriend. Given some situations the kit in question was not at hand but I happened to have a copy of it. So I sold my copy to him and I can paint it for him =) Since his girlfriend watched my other platforms it was hard to keep others up-to-date without giving anything away, haha! So for months of secrecy, I worked on this kit and modified bits to what she likes from interest and this is what it came out like! Eyelashes added. Small acrylic gems added in areas. Modified Chibiusas accessory so I could easily remove it from her hand; since the kit originally had her fingers chopped off. Painted manga style. Weapons still look as of the anime. Needed to repaint the base a few times but still came out pretty nice. Back bow tails magnetic given the recast connection issues.