(2016) 1/6 Sansei Muramasa
(2016) 1/6 Sansei Muramasa
Kit Info:
Scale: 1/7
Sculptor: Mohio
Origin: Soukou Akki Muramasa
Commissioned Piece Requested to paint her but more of a tanned look, compared to the PVC model where her skin is a bit lighter than what she wanted. Also wanted the bits of her bikini to be a purple tone with still having the black bikini straps. Top will be removable only. Black glossy heals with gold buckles along with gold arm bands. Also asked for a custom base with a beach scene, this was a totally different field for me in designing so I tried a few methods before doing a final design attempt. Necklace will be a real chain instead of a resin one. Hair color still the same but more of a creamier color.