Think of someone important to you (partner, child,....). Then, think of how vulnerable and how open your heart is with that person. Maybe you don't want others to see how vulnerable you are?

This project was originally started in a joint project with Mads where we challenged each other to take inspiration from the same image for our DOGMA48 projects. I've spent time outside of DOGMA48 to finish the story, so this is more of a spawn of DOGMA48 instead :)

You can see the image here:

My basic idea was that the demon would be the landscape and the little girl to be the moon. I felt that they have a relation to each other and have impacts on eachother. Kinda a jing-jang feeling. I used the moon/girls OSL to put an in-print of her into him, used the chain in his hand to bound them together, and slipped some of his orange into her area.

I wanted the demon to give you a feeling on uncomfortable/he was uncomfortable. When he is looking at you, the spot-light on his face/eye is meant to draw you there and tell you your not allowed to see this. Then from her view, I tried to make him look like he is looking away and sulking from the conversation.

DOGMA48 is an event held by Chromaunt: