Hi to all! Here is my first in P&P. Many years painting but not showing... so I´ll try to stop that ;)
For this piece, I have tried to do some old-new things like play with subtle proyected shadows and go back to the true metal-ics, wich I love it.
So... I hope you like it!
  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    very nice metal, i like this. gold

  • girlpainter57

    very atmospheric Rubin , look forward to viewing more of your figures

  • Sławomir Borysowski - "Sławol"

    Beautiful metallics:)


  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    why in the hell one of the best painters in the world show so few miniatures per years… we want more from you Ruben.

  • Riccardo "RA" Agostini

    Really love the hair!

  • David Diamondstone

    Lovely work. You really nailed the cast shadows, and some of the best TMM I’ve seen.

  • Anthony Wang

    love the light so much on this bust…looks like she jumped straight out of a Final Fantasy video game

  • Jero Miniatures

    Una preciosidad Ruben

  • Ruben_Martinez

    Thanks to all for your nice comments!
    This encourages me to post in a more continuous way ;)

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Reuben this is outstanding- we really need a platinum button gold just is not gonna cut it when work is this marvelous!!!

  • Jonatan Gil - ElinhirPLUS

    Toma metalico, gran trabajo Ruben. Oro.

  • Joaquín Metz

    Amazing work!