Entry for Crystal Brush 2018
Bust by Privateer Press
  • Kat Martin (Sionid)

    Really beautiful, understated work. I don’t feel like these photos really pick up on the subtle blues in the shadows, unfortunately, or how intense her eyes were in person!

    • dallas

      Yeah. I may need to get a close up of her eyes.

      The subtlety is lost in pics. I love these pictures, but real life is soooo much better.

  • Mark "Maxpaint" Maxey

    Love it Dallas. Very well done.

    • dallas

      Thank you. Means a lot :)

  • Chris "D.Vader" SuhrePLUS

    I agree with Kat. The pictures don’t do her justice. There are a lot of subtle color missing. The eyes are piercing. Like she’s looking right into you. The texture work on the metals, leather, fur cap, and freckling/beauty marks are great. It really showed what can be done with this bust. The perfect Sorcha imho. Easily Gold.

    • dallas


      Nothing to say. Thank you.

  • Sławomir Borysowski - "Sławol"

    Love her! Fantastic work, very natural face. One of my favourites at CB this year :)


    • dallas

      Wow! That means a lot to me. Thank you :)

  • Enrico Collenzini

    Very beautiful

    • dallas

      Thank you :D

  • Jens Riber Poulsen

    So sharp! Gj!