A diorama I made for the Duke of Bavaria Contest 2012. I was happy to win Bronce in Fantasy Master Painting.

Painted in Acrylics and Oil.
  • Mati ZanderPLUS

    I would have loved some little red accents, but nonetheless, very very nice work, I bet Tre will love how his barbs look on the diorama.

  • tremanor

    This is such an incredible piece of work. I honestly cannot think of a single element that needs improvemtn or adjustment. I love the very subtle play between the tunic colours and the flower blossoms. I am honoured to have my products take part in the theater of your creativity and imagination.

  • Peter "Baphomet" TothPLUS

    Thanks for your nice comments ;)

    @ Tre: I will order some of your new stuff soon… but there is so much nice stuff, decicion is hard to make :-/ as I told you, if you want to use my pictures for promotion (for example how your miniatures could be used) even if you can´t buy them anymore, just tell me and I will send them to you :)