The Guardian of the Faerie Mound
As a child I met this strange ancient creature, one sunny spring day, in the woods. He took me to the land beyond; the land of the elves. I used to play and laugh and sing in that realm of light, magic and love.
As I grew up I stopped going there and in time forgot how to get there. I even forgot about that place entirely for years and years...
Now in my own autumn, I remember again.
As time goes by, I long more and more for that place of magic, light and lost love.
I have searched for the way back to that place countless times now, yet it keeps eluding me...
I have a feeling that, on my last day, that strange ancient creature will find me and take me back to that place of light, magic and love once again.
And I find peace and comfort in that thought.
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    This is absolutely fantastik ...pure fantasy and nostalgias!!! Gold

  • Butch

    This was one of the pieces that I remember well from the Duke Of Bavarian. I love the green hood!

    Nice coincidence I met you and Jacob (two painters I rembered their vignettes well) on sunday afternoon.

    • Kristian Simonsen

      Thank you. It means a lot to me, that you remember my pieces.

  • Marco Ruano (Kodayo)PLUS

    Supeeeer verdee., Buen trabajo oro para ti.

  • Anastasios Kandris

    I much like your painting but i equal fascinated by your little sweet story! <3

  • Jesús GómezPLUS

    Great work, green is fashionable XD

  • Theodoros GiannakopoulosPLUS

    I really like it ! Gold.