this is my latest finished project: King of the forest. Lovely miniature from the Rising Sun boardgame, I liked the figure concept when I first saw the model. I painted the figure a few weeks ago and now decided to give him a "real" base.

I had lot of fun sculpt and create the base. Add plants, waterfalls and all the small animals...as always :)
Little desaster during the project with the watereffects, but did go back worked again on several areas and think I could repair it.

Complete Tutorial about this base witll be available on my Patreon channel in the next months:

Beside that I want to use this post to make a little advertisment for my first Basing Class that I give in England this summer (London: 30.6-1.7, Hull: 7.7-8.7) in collaboration with Journeyman Miniatures. For more info about the classes visit:

Thanks for votes or comments! :)

Best regards Oliver