and another project from the past. This Vignette was created about 2 years ago in occasion to the birth of my beloved daughter Amélie. I tried to achieve the true spirit of "Alice in wonderland" by creating a very colorful, childish and sweet scenerie. I didn't wanted to use one of those typical adult, big busted or steampunk Alices which are currently available from different supplier. Don't get me wrong, I like those Figures, but for me, these have nothing to do with the Alice theme in my personal opinion.
By creating the scene I tried thinking at my impressions when I watched Alice for the very first time (I think I was 5 years old).
Anyway, currently the Vignette stands on a shelf in my daughters room, and I think (hope) she loves it.

Please excuse the quality of the pictures. It was quiet difficult to shot the pictures as the scenerie is behind the glass of the picture frame to protect it from dust (and little child fingers ;-) ).

Hope you like it.