Free exercise, quick paint on the Anonymous bust 1 sculpted by Alfonso Giraldes.

Even if the character doesn't look alike any particular actor, the maniac expression reminds me to one scene from Twin Peaks. So, in order to recreate the mental state and the mood on the scene in a pictorical way, I used both blue and red on the face. I tried to achieve more definition in some areas while going for more abstraction and just colours and shapes on others, like a portrait sketch.
  • DrLiche

    thanks for the explanation about twin peaks, it explains the base and title that I was curious about. Anyway, the bust itself is really nice !

    • Olmo Castrillo

      Thanks a lot for the comment, I’m really glad yoy liked i!

  • Andrés Fonseca Wilder

    great work!

    • Olmo Castrillo

      Thanks a lot, glad you liked it.

  • Vladimir_Golubev

    Good version of this head! Gold